Case Studies

Sr. No. Cluster Interventions Details
1 Pune (Forging) Recuperators,Furnace relining,Elimination of return water pump,Compressed air pressure optimization
2 Pune (Forging) Furnace relining,Power factor improvement
3 Pune (Forging) Energy efficient induction furnace,Use of air guns,Reduction in compressed air leakages
4 Pune (Forging) Energy efficient air compressor,Power factor improvement,Furnace relining,Insulation
5 Pune (Forging) New energy efficient furnace,Furnace relining
6 Pune (Forging) Furnace relining,Use of air guns,Insulation lids in furnace,Energy efficient lighting
7 Pune (Forging) Furnace relining,Furnace relining,Power factor improvement,Compressed air pressure optimization
8 Pune (Forging) Veneering at forging furnace,Installation of doors,Blower replacement
9 Pune (Forging) Furnace relining,Energy efficient burners,Energy efficient lighting
10 Pune (Forging) Veneering at forging furnace,Application of ceramic blanket,Insulation,Power factor improvement
11 Pune (Forging) Ceramic fibre insulation,Veneering at hardening furnace,Compressed air pressure optimization,Power factor improvement,Energy efficient screw air compressor,Energy efficient lighting
12 Pune (Forging) Furnace relining
13 Pune (Forging) Energy efficient furnace,Energy efficient furnace,LPG-fired furnace,Energy efficient screw air compressor
14 Pune (Forging) Fuel switching ,Energy efficient compressor with VFD
15 Pune (Forging) Induction billet heater,Change of blower ,Energy efficient motor
16 Pune (Forging) Induction billet heater
17 Pune (Forging) Induction billet heater
18 Pune (Forging) Veneering at heat treatment furnace
19 Pune (Forging) Induction billet heater,Compressed air pressure optimization
20 Pune (Forging) Veneering at heat treatment furnace
21 Pune (Forging) Induction billet heater
22 Pune (Forging) Fuel switching ,Furnace relining
23 Pune (Forging) Natural gas fired forging furnaces,Furnace relining
24 Pune (Forging) Induction billet heater
25 Pune (Forging) Induction billet heater
26 Kolhapur (Foundry) Induction furnace, Screw air compressor,VVF drive for compressor
27 Kolhapur (Foundry) Induction furnace,Automation in pouring system ,Air compressor
28 Kolhapur (Foundry) Induction furnace
29 Kolhapur (Foundry) Induction furnace
30 Kolhapur (Foundry) Cupola furnace
31 Kolhapur (Foundry) Energy efficient induction furnace, Screw air compressor
32 Kolhapur (Foundry) Energy efficient sand mixer, Screw air compressor, Screw air compressor
33 Kolhapur (Foundry) Induction furnace, Screw air compressor,Melting process optimization, Screw air compressor,Cooling tower fan blades
34 Kolhapur (Foundry) Induction furnace,Energy efficiency measures
35 Kolhapur (Foundry) Air compressor,Energy efficient lighting, Screw air compressor
36 Kolhapur (Foundry) Energy efficient transformer, Screw air compressor, Induction furnace,Energy efficient lighting
37 Kolhapur (Foundry) VVFD drive
38 Kolhapur (Foundry) Induction furnace,VVF drive, Water pumps,Energy efficient lighting
39 Kolhapur (Foundry) Induction furnace,Energy efficient lighting,Glass wool cover for ladle,Improving sand properties to reduce sand content in runners and risers
40 Kolhapur (Foundry) Induction furnace,VVF drive,Shot blast machine,Energy efficient sand mixer,Energy efficient lighting
41 Kolhapur (Foundry) Induction furnace ,VVF drive,Energy efficient lighting
42 Kolhapur (Foundry) Screw air compressor,Energy efficient pump, Screw air compressor
43 Kolhapur (Foundry) Energy efficient transformer,Water pumps,Raw water pump,Induction furnace, Screw air compressor,Energy efficient lighting
44 Kolhapur (Foundry) electrical induction furnace,electrical motors,reaction vessels, pumps
45 Kolhapur (Foundry) Energy efficient motor,Energy efficient lighting
46 Kolhapur (Foundry) New induction furnace
47 Kolhapur (Foundry) New resistance furnace,Automation in pouring system ,Energy efficient lighting
48 Kolhapur (Foundry) New induction furnace , Screw air compressor, Energy efficient air compressor,Energy efficient lighting
49 Kolhapur (Foundry) Electrical induction furnace,Energy efficient lighting,Translucent sheet
50 Kolhapur (Foundry) New induction furnace and cooling tower,Energy efficient pump
51 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) condensate recovery sysyem,Insulation Over Steam line & Thermopack Surface,Optimazation oxygen tunning system
52 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Air Compressor,Recovery of the Condensate for Boiler,Electronic T-5 lamps
53 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Screw compressor,Compressed optimization,Optimization of DG frequency
54 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Energy Monitoring System,Servo Stabilizer ,Electronic T-5 lamps
55 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Optimizing power consumption, Welding optimization,Electronic T-5 lamps
56 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Servo Stabilizer ,Installation of Energy Monitoring System,Electronic T-5 lamps
57 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Timer Controller , VFD for Compressor,Electronic T-5 lamps
58 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Spectrometer ,conveyor system for Mould Movement,Sand Moulding Machine
59 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) VHT pumping system,Energy Management System,Compressors
60 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Compressor optimization,Optimization of DG frequency,LED lamps
61 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Synchronization of DG frequency,Capacitor banks for PF,Electronic T-5 lamps
62 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Electric powered furnace,Preheating of Combustion Air,Cooling Tower Optimization
63 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Voltage controller,Reduction in Air Leakage,High Efficacy Fixtures
64 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) steam line modification,Fuel Switch for Boiler,Contract Demand Reduction
65 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Online monitoring system for Induction furnace,Capacitor banks for PF,High Efficiency Fixtures
66 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Monitoring sytem of Induction furnace,,Monitoring of Heat Treatment Furnace
67 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Leakage control of compressed air,Capacitor banks for PF,Optimazation of compressor
68 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) reduction of furnace losses,PF controller,Loss reduction in furnace
69 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) optimization of Induction Furnace, leakage reduction in compressor,Performance improvement in furnace
70 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) VVF drive,Capacitor banks for PF,Optimization in compressor
71 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Optimizing Pump,Capacitor banks for PF, Energy efficient AC
72 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Solar water heater, leakage reduction in compressor,Optimization in compressor
73 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Induction furnce optimization,PF controller,Reduction in furnace skin temperature
74 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) PNG usage for refining and saponification,Loss reduction in refining vessels,Replacement of T-12 lamps by T-8 lamps
75 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) condensate recovery sysyem, Energy Monitoring System,Optimization of Power Factor
76 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Un interrupted supply system,PF controller,High Efficiency Fixtures
77 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Ladle heating optimization, Induction Furnace,Compressor
78 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Wood/biomass briquette-fired TFH,Capacitor banks for PF,High Efficiency Fixtures
79 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Insulation of furnace, leakage reduction in furnace,Electronic T-5 lamps
80 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Modification of compressor,Servo Stabilizer,Electronic T-5 lamps
81 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Energy Efficient pump,Induction heater optimization,Improvement in power factor
82 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Leakage control for compresser,PF controller,Regulation of Line to Neutral Voltage
83 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Servo Stabilizer ,PF controller, leakage reduction in compressor
84 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Screw Compressors,Capacitor banks for PF,Star Rated AC
85 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Insulation of mouding machine,Capacitor banks for PF, High Efficiency Fixtures
86 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Energy Monitoring System ,PF controller,Electronic T-5 lamps
87 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Reduction in Leakage in Compresser,PF controller,Electronic T-5 lamps
88 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) reducing heat losses, Electrical Furnace,High efficiency lights
89 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Insulation of heaters ,Energy efficient electrical lamps,PF controller
90 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Insulation of heaters ,Capacitor banks for PF, High Efficiency Fixtures
91 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Furnace modification,Fuel Switching Over to PNG for Heat Treatment Furnace Application,Installation of Oxygen Sensor in Heat Treatment Furnace
92 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Solar water heater,Reduction in Leakage in Compresser,Voltage Optimization furnace
93 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) Insulation of Heaters ,Optimization of Cooling Tower,VFD drive
94 Faridabad (Mixed Industries) VFD,Injection Moulding,IMM
95 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Wood-fired IBR boiler ,VFD for cooling tower pump,Energy saving star delta convertor for motors,Energy efficient lighting
96 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Energy efficient boiler,Energy efficient hot air generator
97 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Energy efficient NG-fired boiler,Power factor controller ,Energy efficient air compressor
98 Ankleshwar (Chemical) IBR boiler ,Energy efficient lighting, VFD on cooling tower pump,Power factor correction,Installation of steam traps
99 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Efficient cooling tower,Cooling tower pump,Energy efficient horizontal boiler,Insulation of rotary dryer and hot air generator system
100 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Classification of pigments,Damper control mechanism in boiler,Insulation of boiler and fire chamber,Installation of material transfer pump,Installation of capacitor bank
101 Ankleshwar (Chemical) 3-pass boiler ,waste heat recovery system for rotary dryer, Energy efficient burner system in rotary dryer
102 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Energy efficient solid fuel-fired TFH,Energy efficient pump
103 Ankleshwar (Chemical) IBR boiler,Electrical chilling system, Energy efficient water circulation pump
104 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Energy efficient boiler,Energy efficient pump with VFD
105 Ankleshwar (Chemical) high efficiency packing distillation,Energy efficient agitator system,VFD for water circulation pump
106 Ankleshwar (Chemical) NG- fired thermic fluid heater, Energy efficient pump with VFD,Capacitors for PF improvement
107 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Optimizing oxygen level control system,Improvement in boiler combustion chamber ,Energy efficient natural draft cooling tower
108 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Renovation of boiler ,Energy efficient pump ,Power factor controller
109 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Energy efficient burner system,FRP cooling tower
110 Ankleshwar (Chemical) solid fuel IBR boiler of larger capacity,Energy efficient lighting,Capacitors for PF improvement
111 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Energy efficient solid fuel-fired IBR boiler,Thermostatic controller on cooling tower fan,Capacitors for PF improvement
112 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Shell insulation
113 Ankleshwar (Chemical) temperature controller on ID fan of TFH,Energy efficient lamps,Energy efficient motor
114 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Energy efficient boiler,Energy efficient FTLs,Power factor controller
115 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Wood-fired boiler ,Capacitors for PF improvement
116 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Wood/biomass briquette-fired TFH,Capacitors for PF improvement,Energy efficientMetal halide lamps
117 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Natural draft cooling tower,VFD on centrifuge, Energy efficient burner
118 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Non-IBR boiler ,Power factor controller
119 Ankleshwar (Chemical) Non-IBR boiler,single IBR boiler