In exercise of the powers conferred by section 15(d) of the Energy Conservation (EC) Act 2001, all the State Governments / UT Administrations have designated an agency as State Designated Agency (SDA) to coordinate, regulate and enforce the provisions of this Act within the State, either by assigning additional responsibilities to one of the existing departments of the State Government or by establishing a dedicated Stand-Alone SDA for energy efficiency. These agencies differ from State to State with the Renewable Energy Development Agency comprising 44%, Electrical Inspectorate comprising 19%, Distribution Companies comprising 17%, Power Departments comprising 14% and Stand-Alone SDA comprising 6%.

In order to build and strengthen the institutional, technical and financial capacities and capabilities of the SDAs for undertaking energy efficiency activities at the State level, BEE provides financial assistance to the SDAs under two major components cited as below.

• Providing financial assistance to the State Designated Agencies to coordinate, regulate and enforce efficient use of energy and its conservation.

• Contribution to State Energy Conservation Fund (SECF).

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