Currently the project is in it 3rd phase of implementation. The project has successfully graduated from different old clusters to take its learnings into new clusters.

Started in 2010, the project in its Ist phase initially worked in 5 clusters and subsequently 6 more clusters in its 2nd phase. The project has now extended to include 5 more clusters in its 3rd phase of implementation by the knowledge acquired from the earlier phases to newer places for the benefit of MSME fraternity. The new KP consolidates all the Knowledge generated from all 3 phases for the information of relevant stakeholders and public at large.

A few project achievements are listed below:

  1. The project has reached out to more than 5000 MSME units through various capacity building and awareness initiatives
  2. Approximately, 330 Crores of investment made by participating MSMEs to implement 3000 energy efficiency measures
  3. Energy savings achieved to the tune of 19000 toe per year with average return on investment raised in less than 18 months
  4. Cumulative life time emission reduction of 2 million tonnes of CO2 through direct investment
  5. MSME focused web based knowledge management and sharing platform
  6. The project has reached out to more than 45000 stakeholders via social media

We look forward to such options/discoveries that are practical and can be taken to industries, kindly share these with us via email

MSME unit owners, factory owners, industry owners can benefit from the precious knowledge acquired over the life cycle of the project. All knowledge acquired under the project is available on the project Knowledge portal You can implement the Energy Efficiency and Resource Efficiency measures free of cost under the project and start saving your energy and money instantly.

There is a section in the website that has indicative list of schemes available from various ministries/organizations which one can avail. You may find the schemes by clicking here.

No, SIBDI is not the only agency to approach; you may go to your regular banker also.

More than 5000 numbers of MSMEs were benefitted from different implementation initiatives under the project over the life cycle of the project. These MSMEs were benefitted under various project activities undertaken by the project. For more information you can ch3ck the project activities section on the portal.

The website facilitates energy efficiency options essentially applicable to industries, for other options, one may got to the relevant websites including that of Bureau of Energy Efficiency here.

Yes, you are free to connect with energy auditors, managers and other service providers listed in the website. However, the project partners do not endorse any given technology or person.

Yes, you may download them for personal usage, but its usage for commercial broadcast, training programs should be done with permission. For more information, you may write to us on

This site primarily shares energy efficiency initiatives which are deployed in the project clusters. In addition, there is information on other energy saving options in the equipments and processes that are possible/feasible.  

Yes, there is registration section available on this link, where you may register yourself and get the updates from our side.

Yes, you can use it freely but get it verified by the service/technology provider that is available to you.