Energy Audit Subsidy Scheme by Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA)

  • a) Scheme Objectives
The objective of the scheme is to introduce the MSMEs to the concept of energy efficiency and help them to effectively manage their energy resources.
  • b) Eligibility Criteria
MSMEs units from metal processing, re-rolling, and foundry sub-sectors having electrical contract demand of 20 kW or more or energy bill more than Rs. 1.0 lakh per month are eligible for the scheme.

c) Scheme Details (Financial Parameters)

GEDA will pay Rs. 6,000 per Walk-through Energy Audit (WTEA) to the Energy Auditor against submission of the WTEA report duly signed by Certified Energy Auditor and attested by a representative of the audited industry.

d) Procedure to Avail the Scheme

  1. The WTEA scheme will be advertised in newspapers and GEDA’s website. Also it would be promoted by GEDA authorized Energy Auditors.
  2. Interested MSME units are invited to register their names for free of cost. Registration is done on first-come-first-served basis. GEDA deploys qualified energy auditors for carrying out Walkthrough energy audits. The MSME unit shall share relevant information pertaining to energy consumption and production with the energy auditor.
  3. The energy auditors will submit energy audit reports with recommendations for saving energy in the audited MSME units. The MSME units will also be provided with a list of technology options and a list of vendors for procuring Energy Efficiency technologies to help them in procurement and Energy Conservation (EC) implementation process.

e) Contact Details

Gujarat Energy Development Agency 
Udyog Bhavan, Block No: 11/12, 4th Floor 
Sector -11, Gandhinagar – 382 017 
Telephones: 079-23257251-4, 23257259 
Fax: 079-23247097, 23257255 

f) Scheme details can be viewed at: