World Bank project: Partial Risk Sharing Facility for Energy Efficiency (PRSF)

  • a) Scheme Objectives
The objective of this scheme is to kick start the Energy Savings Performance Contracting market for Energy Efficient projects in India.
  • b) Eligibility Criteria
The Private Finance Institutes (PFIs) will be selected from a broad set of large, well known commercial banks and NBFCs in India, using eligibility criteria which will include factors like past experience in EE and renewable energy lending, capacity, number of EE projects successfully implemented, etc and will be included in the Operations Manual. The PFI eligibility criteria will ensure that factors generally considered in detailed due diligence of FIs are also incorporated.

c) Scheme Details (Financial Parameters)

PRSF comprises of risk sharing corpus of US$ 37 million proposed to be implemented through SIDBI, the project execution agency and funded from the CTF contribution of US$25 million, a GEF contribution of US$12 million, TA and capacity building component from a GEF component of US$6 million, with US$4 million implemented by SIDBI and US$2 million implemented by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL).

d) Procedure to Avail the Scheme

The Supervisory Committee for PRGFEE in BEE supervises this Partial Risk Sharing Facility. This facility signs agreements with empanelled participating commercial banks, and PFIs to follow guidelines in the Operations Manual for the facility. Approving loans are made, whose cumulative exposure is shared with the fund. This fund extends the government’s own efforts to involve private financing to ESCOs for implementing energy savings performance contract (ESPC)-based EE projects.

e) Contact Details

Bureau of Energy Efficiency
Government of India, Ministry of Power 
4th Floor, SEWA Bhawan 
R. K.Puram, New Delhi - 110 066 

f) Scheme details can be viewed at: