Performance Linked Grant (PLG) Scheme by SIDBI for Implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures

  • a) Scheme Objectives

The Performance Linked Grant (PLG) scheme is one of the components of the World Bank –GEF Project: “Financing Energy Efficiency at MSMEs”, hereinafter, referred to as the Project.  The Project is being jointly implemented by SIDBI and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

The objective of the PLG scheme-III is to encourage implementation of EE measures by MSME units in the newly targeted five MSME Clusters viz. Delhi NCR, Dehradun, Thane-Mumbai, Ludhiana and Varanasi cluster under the Project.

  • b) Eligibility Criteria
  • Under the PLG scheme-III, a performance linked grant shall be offered as an incentive to the MSME units, who have participated in the Project by way of undergoing the Detailed Energy Audit and preparation of Investment Grade Detailed Project Report (IGDPR) process through the IGDPR Consultants (viz. M/s TERI University, M/S TERI, M/s DESL and M/s M-Power) hired under the project, to implement the EE measures as suggested in the IGDPRs.
  • PLG shall be provided to only those MSME units who have undergone and completed the DEA and IGDPR process under the Project and have provided signed consent letter to the IGDPR consultants for commencing implementation of EE measures, after DEA & IGDPR process, both to happen preferably on or before the recommended date i.e. June 20, 2016 and Units should have implemented all or part of the identified / recommended EE measures as listed in the IGDPR on or before the cut-off date i.e Aug 31,2016 provided these measures account for at least 75% of the total estimated energy savings in the IGDPR(in TOE terms) for all the recommended measures, subject to realizing actual annualized energy savings of 75% of the estimated figures presented in the IGDPR (in TOE terms) for EE measures actually implemented [as verified during the Measurement & Verification (M&V) process]

c) Scheme Details (Financial Parameters)

  • Upto 75% of the total project cost, subject to maximum of Rs. 1/- crore. (Minimum amount of loan Rs. 5/- Lakhs).

d) Procedure to Avail the Scheme

The prospective borrower is required to submit the duly filled in application form along with the supporting documents as per the prescribed format, to the nearest SIDBI branch office. In addition to the information requested for in the application form, it may be ensured that the prospective borrower explicitly provides details of the energy saving potential of the project. This will be an important parameter for deciding the eligibility of the project financing under the Line of Credit.

e) Contact Details

Bank of Baroda

f) Scheme details can be viewed at: